Congo Watch: Police probe Australian miner over alleged role in quelling Congo revolt -

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Police probe Australian miner over alleged role in quelling Congo revolt -

Report at via Eric at Sudan: Passion of the Present, with thanks:

08.19.2005 SYDNEY (AFX) - Federal police are investigating claims an Australian mining company helped government forces put down an uprising in the Democratic Republic of Congo during which troops killed up to 100 people, officials said.

Human rights groups have alleged that Anvil Mining provided vehicles and other assistance to troops sent in last October to quell a rebellion in the village of Kilwa, 50 kilometers from one of the company's mines.

Armed rebels took over the southeastern town, leading the Perth-based Anvil to suspend operations at its copper and silver mine and evacuate staff.

The government flew in troops who took back control of Kilwa, apparently using vehicles from Anvil.

According to a UN report, up to 100 people died in the fighting.

Anvil has denied playing any role in the killing and said the vehicles used by the troops were commandeered by the military.

The Australian Federal Police told the national news agency AAP that it had opened an investigation into the case.

The company issued a statement Friday saying it had not yet been contacted by police but 'has no concerns should any investigation be undertaken'.

A Melbourne law firm representing several human rights groups who have accused Anvil of breaching international human right laws over the incident welcomed the police decision to investigate. (dm/br/dk)
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From Eric: these stories relate to the recent allegations against Anvil Mining; it looks like there%u2019s now an official investigation... (program transcript),10166,16313902-31037,00.html,, and (AAP story) (Anvil 'has no concerns' about police investigation) (Anvil denies link to Congo massacre)



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