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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ed Rackley's Rackleyed blog covers Congo

Just received an email from Dr Edward B Rackley in Washington, DC, USA telling me he works in Congo regularly and other African countries as well.

Ed has worked in conflict and post conflict countries for most of the last 15 years. His work involves setting up emergency aid programs, running them, or evaluation them.

Across the divide: analysis & anecdote from Africa is a blog he started earlier this year as a critique from within the international aid industry; political commentary from a number of African countries. He covers Congo fairly regularly. I've not yet had a chance to read Ed's blog but will do later on, after I've added it to my newsfeed.

Thanks Ed! It's always a pleasure to hear from readers. Here's looking forward to following your blog entries. I did a quick scroll and was pleased to find this image of DRC's flag. I wonder if it is DRC's latest flag. I've had trouble finding an image of the new flag. The only one I could find is in the sidebar here - click on its image for more details.

DR Congo flag


Anonymous lorraine said...

Yes this is the new flag which looks very similar to the old flag that flew from 1963 to 1971 (see for further detail)

There is an event coming up this September called "Run for Congo Women". Check it out at

Women for Women International

September 2006: Run for Congo Women

Organized in 2005 by Lisa Shannon in response to the humanitarian crisis occuring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Run for Congo Women has already been a huge success. Last year, the run raised nearly $30,000 - enough to sponsor 80 women through Women for Women International.

This year, the goal is to raise $1 million worldwide. This September, the effort has spread, with runs, walks, hikes -- even a baby shower -- benefiting Congolese women across the country and the globe. Most Run for Congo Women events will occur on September 16, 2006. Additional events will be occuring throughout the fall and will be posted here. Check back often to get more details and to find out about events in your area.

Learn more about the run and bring the Run for Congo Women to your area. Your involvement can make a world of difference! Contact Patty Pina at or by phone at 202-737-7705 for more information. Or visit the Run for Congo Women website at

Friday, August 11, 2006  
Blogger Sandra said...

Ingrid, I am writing a book about refugee in Brazil. I interviewed a man from Congo and he said that the things in Congo are not so good. For him there isnt a big chance for peace. Please, write me. I need more information about Congo but in internet there is much texts in french.

Sunday, August 13, 2006  
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