Congo Watch: DRC troops jailed for war crimes

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

DRC troops jailed for war crimes

Feb 20 2007 BBC report excerpt:
Thirteen soldiers have been jailed for life after the discovery of mass graves in the north-eastern Ituri region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A military court found them guilty of killing about 30 civilians found buried in the graves in November last year.

The soldiers who were tried came from the army's First Brigade - one of several made up of fighters from factions who fought in DR Congo's 1998-2003 war.
Note, the report also tells us, in a separate trial in Bunia, four members of the same unit were jailed for life for the murder of two UN military observers in 2003. Two others were given jail terms of 10 and 20 years.


Blogger BRE said...

Dear Ingrid, hoping that all is well with you. Here is a message I left at Louis Ableman's blog and at the Malau's blog today (Nov 4th, 2007). I thought that you would want to have this information as well since you are a member of the original Congo blogger crew of 2004.

Bill @ Jewels in the Jungle

Dear Ali (the Malau),

Hoping that all is well with you and your new projects down in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Louis Ableman, the documentary filmmaker and author of the (retired) blog Telegraph Congolais, has finally finished the film about rape victims and fistula patients in Goma AND the film has aired on PBS P.O.V. in the States AND was featured on CNN Inside Africa today (Nov 4th, 2007). Here is the message I left at Lou's old blog and you can contact him at the Goma Film Project website as well:

BRE wrote to Louis...

Dear Louis, I just saw the CNN Inside Africa program today (Nov 4, 2007) that featured a trailer from your documentary film "Lumo" and the interview with you and Nelson Walker. I then went over to the PBS P.O.V. website to checkout all the information that they have on the film, the filmmakers, and the crisis with violent rape and fistula patients in the eastern DRC.

I can't tell you how surprised and excited I was to learn that the Goma Film Project crew had finally found a major distributor (PBS P.O.V.) and channel to show your wonderful work highlighting the story of women and girls who have suffered from mass rape as a weapon of war in eastern Congo.

It took CNN (including CNN Inside Africa) more than a year to wakeup to the fact that the documentary Lumo even existed (see my original comment to this post). As usual, the blogosphere is way ahead of the traditional commercial media on breaking news stories and important news features that really count.

Congratulations on getting Lumo aired at PBS and I hope that you are still monitoring comments from your abandoned blog, Telegraphe Congolais. I'm gonna notify Ali the Malau right away at his blog.
End Comment____

Here is the URL to the PBS P.O.V. website feature on the documentary film "Lumo":

Sunday, November 04, 2007  

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