Congo Watch: UPDF has 3 days to leave DRC?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

UPDF has 3 days to leave DRC?

February 3, 2009 report from Ultimate Media via
Uganda Government News: UPDF has 3 days to leave DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Prime Minister, Adolphe Muzito has said that the Uganda People’s Defense forces soldiers who are hunting LRA rebels in DRC have only three days remaining to leave the DRC.

He says that the Ugandan soldiers have up to February 6 to end its operations against LRA fighters code named operation Lightening Thunder.

Uganda, Southern Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo launched a joint military operation against LRA rebels on December 14th but the Congolese government insists all foreign armies should leave the country as has been agreed.

However, the UPDF spokesman, Maj. Felix Kulaigye told Ultimate Media at the National Security Building on Jinja road that Uganda will sit-down with their DRC counterparts once the 3 days expire to review their operation against Kony and his LRA fighters.

“I can not tell you now whether UPDF will continue to stay in DRC after the three days expire or not.But the army will tell all Ugandans the next step once the four days expires,” he said in an interview.


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