Congo Watch: UN Security Council authorises European force in DR Congo

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

UN Security Council authorises European force in DR Congo

The United Nations Security Council today endorsed the deployment of a European Union reserve force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to bolster stability in the vast country for its June 2006 presidential and parliamentary elections and up to four months afterward.

Full report UN News Centre 25 Apr 2006.


Blogger Black River Eagle said...

This EU Security Force is a perverse joke and will be totally useless in protecting the citizens of the DRC during the upcoming polls in 2006. The EU heads of government and ministries that helped put this force together know it and so does the EU electorate. And so do the various rebel militias and other groups who seek to disrupt this process.

If you want to take a closer, more realistic look at the present state-of-affairs in the DRC as the election approaches then download and read the latest report from about the continued heavy recruiting of child soldiers in the east and the south of the country and the ongoing violence against women and children and refugees. The Watchlist report is titled "Struggling to Survive: Children in Armed Conflict in the DRC" and can be found at the website and at the site (links below):

The super expensive UN mission in the DRC (MONUC) is failing in several respects and is failing miserably in protecting the people highlighted in this report. The planned EU Security Mission is 1000's of miles away from where they are really needed... unless the reason they are to be based in Kinshasa is to quickly evacuate foreign nationals (mainly Europeans) in case "All Hell Breaks Loose" in the capital again.

BTW: We (the U.S.A.) will evacuate our own people spread out across the DRC if that becomes necessary, thank you very much EU.

Thursday, April 27, 2006  

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