Congo Watch: UN peacekeepers in DR Congo urgently need reinforcements

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UN peacekeepers in DR Congo urgently need reinforcements

Anarchy in DR Congo. UN's MONUC desperately needs more troops.

DR Congo:  UN

The UN mission in Congo has launched a counter attack in support of Congolese troops in an effort to block Gen Nkunda's troops from advancing on Goma.

DR Congo:  Bundles

Thousands of people in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been fleeing a new outburst of fighting between government troops and rebel forces.

DR Congo:  Soldiers

Government troops near the Kibumba refugee camp have been pushed back by forces loyal to rebel general Laurent Nkunda.

DR Congo:  People

The rebels, who say they are protecting the areas' Tutsi minority, have captured a major army camp at Rumangabo, near the border with Rwanda.

DR Congo:  Jeep

Credit: AFP & AP photos and BBC captions from BBC report Monday, 27 October 2008 - In pictures: Thousands flee Congo fighting



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