Congo Watch: DR Congo militia deadline expires

Sunday, October 02, 2005

DR Congo militia deadline expires

A deadline set by the Democratic Republic of Congo for all foreign militias to leave the country passes.

Full story at BBC News Africa 30 Sep 2005.

Rebels in East DR Congo

Photo: Militia have been most active in the east of DR Congo (BBC)

A peace deal ended DR Congo's civil war in 2002, but the government exerts little control in the east.

Uganda has meanwhile threatened to use force against Lord's Resistance Army rebels sheltering in DR Congo.

MONUC road

Photo: UN patrols are a reminder that life is still far from normal in eastern DR Congo.

17,000 United Nations peacekeepers in DR Congo are not enough, said Ibrahim Gambari, UN under secretary general for political affairs.

"To disarm them all will require an enormous peacekeeping force, which the UN doesn't have, and which member states are not willing to fund," he said.

Uganda and Rwanda sparked DR Congo's civil war by invading and supporting local militias, after accusing DR Congo of backing rebel groups.

Under the 2002 peace deal, all militias were supposed to be disarmed.



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