Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Diamond miners laboring in an illegal mine of the DR Congo

"Before you buy that next piece of gold and diamond jewelry for your loved ones or for yourself, remember these images of the laborers and slaves who suffered to extract, cut, and polish that beautiful jewel from the jungle," writes Bill at Jewels in the Jungle:
"Help save lives by supporting the rule of law and justice, transparency in the diamond and gold mining industries and trade, fair wages, and humane working conditions for the people shown in these photo essays."
Diamond miners laboring in an illegal mine of the DR Congo



Pip Wilson said...

Ingrid, you are fantastic! All these blogs, and I've been to most of them. I can't link them all so I'll link this one.

Ingrid J. Jones said...

*Blush* Hello Pip, thanks. Nice to meet you.

I'm embarrassed to admit I have a few more blogs tucked away and have just finished re-posting photos of a great movie review of TIBET: THE SNOW LION

at my blog Tibet China Watch:

The post is one of my all time favourites, hope you like it.

Bye for now, Ingrid

BRE said...

Hello Darlin' (Ingrid). Thanks for picking up this post. As you can see, the DRC is back on the menue and I'm mighty hungry. You wouldn't believe where all of these diamond and gold and coltan trails out of the jungle can lead to. On the other hand, I think that you and a lot of people around the world already know.

In honor of our friends who were frightened off by the rebels down in the DRC but are finding their courage to speak out again in the Blogosphere. Louis of Telegraph Congolais I believe is back down in Goma "filmmaking" and if he ain't careful he might get his butt shot off.

BTW, congratulations to you and Ophelia on the anniversary a while back. I hope that you gave her a nice treat for the special occaison.

Ingrid J. Jones said...
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Ingrid J. Jones said...

Hello Bill, good to hear from you again. Thanks for congrats on 4th anniv of me and my cat Ophelia!

I started to answer the rest of your comment but it was so long, I have deleted it and decided to turn it into a post. I'll be in touch. Bye for now. And thanks again. Kind regards, Ingrid.

P.S. Does anyone know what happened to Carine? I miss our little gang of Congo Watchers. I have just brought Sudan Watch and Uganda Watch up to date and am taking a break. As soon as I get a chance, I'll post another update on what Louis is doing with his documentary.

BRE said...

Carine is fine I believe and can be found at her new blog (see my blogroll). I miss our little group of Congo Watchers too (especially Carine and Ali) but I am also enjoying the work of 007 in Africa and Sahara Sarah and Lulu on the Bridge and El Jorgito, all who actually live and work there (except El J in Rwanda).

Louis is tryin' to hustle up some cash in order to go back to the DRC and finish their documentary on the violent rape victims around Goma and in the Kivus. I'm anxiously awaiting to see what they've got even if it is not finished yet.

More to come from me on the Congo this month and next. I've held back my views and comments for months in order to protect others but I've decided not to wait any longer.

It's time for me at least to raise Hell and open fire on the bad guys and the people who keep them in power down there, as well as to earnestly search for and write about the positive stories that can be found in many places throughout the Congo today.

I don't expect much "engagement" (Fr.) from the Congolese or the Colonials re: my planned posts about the DRC, but we'll see what happens. I'm good at upsetting folks, especially Europeans and Africans.