Congo Watch: Blogging Rwandan genocide feature film Shooting Dogs

Friday, January 20, 2006

Blogging Rwandan genocide feature film Shooting Dogs

Today, Congo Watch received an email from a new blog called Shooting Dogs about a film starring John Hurt. The film is called Shooting Dogs and tells the story of what happened at the Ecole Technique Officielle during the Rwandan genocide.

Note this excerpt from post by David Belton the film's producer who gained a BAFTA nomination for his work:
Tom asks, "Do you think we did a good job out there?" I look at him. Ever since I came back from the genocide in Rwanda six years before I have enjoyed the praise of my colleagues at work, my tour of duty out there worn like a medal on my chest. Now this. The ice twirls around my glass. I'm struggling for an answer - looking at Tom, trying to read in his face a motive behind the question. I almost feel defensive - what the hell kind of question is that anyway. He takes a deep breath, "Because, you see, I don't think we did. We left and we should have stayed."
Also, see Shooting Dog's other blog called Rwandan Survivors. It is dedicated to the survivors of the genocide and aims to provide a platform for anyone to write their views on subjects raised. Good luck David! I've found genocide to be a bit of a conversation stopper :)


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