Wednesday, January 25, 2006

UN demands justice for Congo peacekeeper killers

The UN Security Council on Wednesday denounced the killing of eight U.N. soldiers in Congo this week and pressed Congo's government to quickly bring the attackers to justice, reports Reuters Jan 25, 2006:
Eight Guatemalan peacekeepers were killed and five seriously wounded on Monday in a battle with rebels from neighboring Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army or LRA.

They were among about 80 Guatemalan soldiers who came under attack during a reconnaissance mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Garamba National Park, on the border with Sudan.

"The LRA have conducted a long-running and vicious insurgency in northern Uganda which has caused the death, abduction and displacement of thousands of innocent civilians in Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo," the council said in a unanimous statement.

It called on Congo's transitional government "immediately to take all necessary measures to bring to justice those responsible for this attack."

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