Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DR Congo 'backs new constitution'?

DR Congo's infrastructure has been wrecked by war and misrule but on 20 Dec 2005 BBC report also says DR Congo 'backs new constitution'.

According to the report, voters in the DRC have overwhelmingly backed a new post-war constitution in a referendum, early results indicate - and the president of DRC's electoral commission said the 'yes' campaign had won 78% of votes, compared to 21% for the 'no' campaign, on a 34% count.

However, according to a 16 Dec 2005 BBC report - DR Congo set for 'mystery' vote - voters in DR Congo were set to vote on a new constitution last Sunday but many complained they did not know what it contained.

African democracy

Photo: These women queued for a copy of the draft constitution.

DR Congo backs new constitution?

Photo: This man is one of the lucky few who has got a copy of the constitution.

Read BBC's Q&A: DR Congo vote.

DR Congo 'backs new constitution'?

Photo (AFP/BBC) Huge crowds turned out to welcome President Joseph Kabila when he made his first official visit to Bukavu.

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