Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Ebola cases seen in DR Congo

Another nine cases of the deadly Ebola virus are confirmed in DR Congo, where 174 have already died. - BBC September 22, 2007. Excerpt:
The World Health Organisation says nine further cases of the deadly Ebola virus have been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At least 174 people in the country's West Kasai region have died so far in the current outbreak.

Symptoms of the epidemic - high temperature, bloody diarrhoea and visible haemorrhaging - were first seen in the region on 27 April.

There is no known cure for Ebola, which is fatal in around 80% of cases.

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dom said...

That's scary! is there immunization?
Nice blog you have here, please drop by my site if you have time and leave me a nice DRC flag :)

Frank Partisan said...

Very good that there's a blog that covers Congo news so well.

Anonymous said...

You cover The Congo so well. I am glad to have found your blog. I want to bring to your attention the following references pasted below. I personally believe that it is only when people behind companies are known-- will there be adequate action and responsibility-- after all they are the people who pull the strings politically / economically in a place like The Congo.
Just looking into the after effects of these people and companies is just like putting on a weak band-aid.

Despite children and adults running running running for their lives, companies fill the vaccuum with a mad dash of getting resources OUT. Creating the political set up to enable it. Here are some facts.

Reuters-- 6 arrested in radioactive dumping scandal in Congo.

One day before this above scandal ( available via the link) comes out

announcement of Katanga Mining taking over Nikanor. These two companies comprise two of the three companies under investigation for illegal dumping of radioactive matter into a river. Board members of involved companies include Dan Kurtzer former US Ambassador to Israel and Egypt ( I am sure able to call anyone about anything at anytime) , and former Ambassador to China and Singapore
J Stapleton Roy who works for Kissinger and Associates.

When can politics and profit taking end and the respect or humans begin? There is probably a political coverup going on in regard to this spill. This spill is just another hit for the people there. Nobody cares. The Congo needs some well intentioned help, not the self serving type.

Anonymous said...

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