Friday, September 19, 2008

Break the Silence Benefit CD "Congo's Angels" for Congo Week Oct 19-25

Irma Thomas, Neko Case, and Susan Cowsill Join Prominent Women Singers, Songwriters and Poets on Break the Silence Benefit CD for Congo Week

Excerpt from a Press Release just received from Friends of the Congo:
Washington, DC - September 19, 2008 - Grammy winner Irma Thomas, Americana singer Neko Case, and pop icon Susan Cowsill join forces with noted women singers, songwriters and poets to benefit rape victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Contributors include Eliza Gilkyson, Caroline Aiken, Karen Protti-Bailey, Claire Holley, Kim Carson, Theresa Davis, Mary LaSang, Ruby Rendrag, Gospel Gossip, Sonia Tetlow, Herman Put Down the Gun, Karen Garrabrant, Dede Vogt, Caroline Herring, Janet Bean, and Leilani Rivera Bond

Women singers, songwriters, and poets have joined forces and donated 20 tracks for a limited edition compilation CD to raise awareness about violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "Congo's Angels" is scheduled for release during Break the Silence Congo Week, October 19-25. Congo Week is a global initiative led by students throughout the globe to raise awareness about the escalating violence against women and children in the Congo and provide support. Students and community organizers in at least 100 countries and 1,000 campuses are expected to organize an activity or event in solidarity with the people of the Congo.
On Monday, September 22, 2008 from 10 AM, a press conference will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to launch the countdown to Congo Week.
All proceeds from the sale of "Congo's Angels" will go directly into a special account, designed to offer transparency in accounting. Friends of the Congo (, a U.S. based tax-exempt non-profit, will manage this account. No monies, except minimal distribution costs, will be taken from sales.
Friends of the Congo, 1629 K Street, NW, Ste 300, Washington, DC 20006

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