Monday, February 20, 2006

Kiva: Loans that change lives, become a lender to a small business in Africa

Kiva website states it provides a new, sponsor a business option for individuals to connect with small enterprises in developing countries through flexible loans and invites readers to become a lender to a small business in Africa and be reimbursed for the loan.

Sounds like a good initiative. Not sure how it all works. According to the website, Kiva is experiencing a huge outpouring of support and cannot list businesses fast enough. Excerpt:
"Latest journal from Peace Poultry Tororo, Uganda , January 3, 2006: This business has received loan money worth $300. The money has already been put in business to increase the stock."
Source: Trey's blog.

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Taylor Walters Denyer said...

Hello Congo watchers.

I just found this site and wanted to introduce myself. I work in Kamina, DRC as the the coordinator of the development department for the North Katanga Conference, The United Methodist Church. I'm in the USA right now waiting for the election dust to settle.

Wanted to direct you to: