Saturday, February 04, 2006

Songs by child soldiers in DRC's Aveba disarmament camp

Save the Children UK journalist Suzanne Fisher recently travelled to the Aveba Transit Camp, a disarmament camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo that helps children who have been associated with armed groups.

Suddenly she found a group of children started to sing. They were not members of a choir and had no formal musical training but knew the same songs and performed them in perfect five part harmony for Suzanne, who had basic recording equipment with her. Here are links to the recordings of those songs.

UK grad student Jennifer of Soldier Child rightly describes it as a truly remarkable recording. Please listen to video clip and tell me you don't care.

Songs from Aveba by DR Congo child soldiers

More recordings and info at Save the Children UK 25 January 2006.

Read Suzanne Fisher's Staff Diary published 2005.

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