Friday, November 28, 2008

Petition demanding that the UN in Congo (MONUC) arrest the notorious war criminal Nkunda now

For people everywhere who are outraged about war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by NKUNDA, a Petition was started by on November 25, 2008, saying:
We, the undersigned, make an urgent appeal to MONUC to fulfill its international obligations and immediately arrest Nkunda accused war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The continuing horrific killing of civilians testifies that Human Rights Watch was absolutely reasonable in its warning then in 2006 and it’s today. “So long as Nkunda is at large, the civilian population remains at grave risk"

We call on MONUC to arrest Nkunda immediately now without further delay

French translation:

Nous, soussignés, lançons un appel pressant à la MONUC de remplir ses obligations internationales et immédiatement arrêter Nkunda accusé de crimes de guerre et crimes contre l'humanité

La poursuite des horribles meurtres de civils témoigne que Human Rights Watch a été tout à fait raisonnable dans son avertissement depuis 2006 et il est aujourd'hui. "Aussi longtemps que Nkunda est en liberté, la population civile demeure en grand danger"

Nous demandons à la MONUC d'arrêter Nkunda immédiatement maintenant sans plus tarder.
To date, there are 279 signatures. I added mine today.

Laurent Nkunda

Photo: Nkunda denies accusations of rape and looting on the part of his forces [AFP] Source: Friday, 31 October 2008 (Aljazeera and agencies) report: Rebel move sees DR Congo city empty

"We are asking for freedom and we also have to fight for it" - Laurent Nkunda, speaking to Al Jazeera (Posted to Congo Watch 30 Oct 08)

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