Sunday, November 02, 2008

YouTube video: Rumangabo Fighting - Rebels seize DRC's Virunga National Park HQ at Rumangabo


Map source: ( Sunday 26 October 2008 report by Emmanuel - Congo Rebels Seize Park HQ at Rumangabo After Intense Fighting - excerpt:
Fighting at Rumangabo started at 0400 today between the rebels of Laurent Nkunda and the army. It has now totally engulfed the park station and our Rangers have been forced to flee into the forests for their lives. The rebels now are the only occupants of the park station at Rumangabo. This has never happened before.

This is a serious time. We need to get our 50+ Rangers back to safety in Goma, 45km south of Rumangabo. The main road is blocked because of the fighting so they are walking through the forests of the park south, to Kibumba, about 20km away, where we aim to pick them up in trucks. We are trying to maintain phone contact but they don’t have much battery life in their phones.


We also need to organize for them to stay in the camp in Goma - with their families. We need to get more food, fast.
If you would like to help toward supporting the Rangers in this crisis please donate in the sidebar to the right. You can make an open donation or you can donate using the Support For Ranger Evactuation from Virunga button. Thank you.
We will be issuing a press release shortly that will give you more information but for now I wanted you all to be aware of this.

YouTube video of Rumangabo Fighting. Rebels seized Virunga National Park HQ at Rumangabo after intense fighting.

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